A Woman of Many Careers

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That’s how I describe myself. I’ve had many different careers and hobbies, and I love sharing what I’ve learned about jobs and the job search. My own background includes the airline industry, radio disc jockey, TV news manager, Local NPR Morning Edition and ATC host, and professional writer (resumes, not novels.)

In this website you’ll find radio airchecks, news stories, TV segments, and my bio. My background includes increased ratings and two Emmy Awards.

I’m back in the Phoenix area, where I launched my career more than a decade ago. Contact me at SusanGeary (at) 1stRateResumes.com or at (623) 556-0330.

The Career Matters Minute

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The Career Matters Minute is back! A popular vignette that aired on Fox 910 in Roanoke in 2010 and 2011, the Career Matters Minute provides career tips in less than a minute. Here are a few samples of what we’ve delivered everyday on Fox Radio 910 in Roanoke:

LI Profile

Company Research

Cover Letters

New Reference Format

Job Search Clubs

Professional References

Workplace Copiers

Skype Interviews

Return to Work Moms

The Best of Career Matters 2011

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I had some great guests on the show in 2011, but here is an excerpt from the most interesting. Thanks to Robert Ruff of Sovren Software, Dawn Rasmussen of Pathfinder Careers, and Jeff Shane of Allison & Taylor for adding credibility to Career Matters. Listen to my year end montage of interviews Best of Career Matters 2011

Mentioned on the Show

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Nick Corcodilos, is an outspoken Headhunter and blogger who is annoyed at what has become of LinkedIn and the Ladders.com. Hear what he had to say here.

Are we becoming a nation of freelancers? Sara Horowitz of the Freelancers Union seems to think so.

What do Recruiters Really Want? Less is More When it Comes to Resume Distribution. Great article featured on FINS.com.